Ways to Open a Beer

We have all been there, at a party, on a boat, at home etc… have a beer but have no way of opening it. These are a couple of ingenious ways to open a bottle of beer. Hope this helps you next time you get stuck in a weird spot.

A piece of paper.

Your wedding ring.

A chainsaw.


An iPhone.

A carabiner.

Another beer.

Your shoes.

A fondue pot.

A lighter.

A toothbrush.

A computer mouse.

A bike tire.

A street sign.

A tire iron.

A laptop.

A spatula.

A napkin.

A TV remote.

A car key.

A wooden spoon.

A pen.

A hockey stick.

A skateboard.

A chair.

Scrambled eggs.

A coffee mug.

The kitchen counter.

A spoon.

A knife.

A lighter.


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